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How to increase your chances of securing a speaking engagement

While many of our clients like us to focus on media relations, a slew of them also want us to concentrate on securing speaking opportunities for them to present in front of their target audience. What better way to win over new customers or clients than presenting information that positions you as the expert in your field? The companies we work with willingly give their time to attend and speak to audience members on current trends and provide advice. However, securing these…


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Pay-on-Performance PR approach a VERY hot topic on blog

Right after Labor Day, I had a few colleagues alert me on a discussion blog that was getting significant interest about…


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IRS offering $15 million for good PR

Would love to have a conversation with that agency!!

Wall Street Journal

IRS Seeks Some PR Help

By Kristina Peterson

The Internal Revenue Service is…


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Why PR pros must like and believe in their clients

Source: Cartoon Stock

Over the years, I've known certain PR professionals who represent clients they neither personally believe in their mission or value proposition nor do they even respect the management team running the company. When…


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Memo to Ketchum PR - Top bloggers ARE journalists


So it shouldn't come as any surprise that the stunt they pulled on behalf of their client, ConAgra Foods,…


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Content is no longer king - conversation is!

I and the rest of the Stalwart Communications team always enjoy the annual PRSA San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter's Summer Social, held last week at the world famous Del Mar Racetrack. Of…


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Forbes - Is Your Marketing Ready for a Double Dip?

Regardless, one thing's for sure - Marketers and Public Relations practitioners will have to prove a quantifiable result for their efforts now more than efforts. I hope others follow our mantra of Pay-on-Performance soon. It may very well mean the difference between riding out a possible second wave of recession storm and not.



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A prayer offering to the Patron Saint of Presidental Campaigns

Dear Saint "And I Approve This Message,"


As the 2012 Presidential Campaign heats up, I ask you, oh holy one, to make this one more civil; focusing on issues, not individuals. Please let there be less grandstanding and more glad handling; respectful discourse as opposed to resentful diatribes. And blessed saint, please share…


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Taking a stand can still be done with civility

Strong convictions but with genuine respect for each other
Source: Doug Mills/The New York Times

President Obama met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel in the Oval Office on…


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PR Folks - Is the Embargo still relevant?



I just used it to give first right of refusal to a key reporter on behalf of a client. I thought it served its purpose and provided the media outlet a day's lead time ahead of everyone else in reporting on a story. It seems to be a…


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How much does bad PR cost?

Well in BP's case, it's $1 billion and counting.....


Washington Post

BP makes $1 billion down payment on gulf restoration…


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Craig Calder - PR Stunts Gone Horribly Wrong

Nice piece by Mr. Calder to showcase the common themes in such miscues.


In our increasingly crowded space, companies…


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Boatner's article a good start, still needs to talk about performance from client view

I truly enjoyed reading this piece by Brandi Boatner, and think she brings up several salient points about continued professional development among PR professionals.


I'd like to see the discussion go one step further and talk about performance from a client perspective where agencies show they are willing to deliver measurable results that quantify increased buzz and response rates, a la Pay-on-Performance.


Let's let 2011 be the year where PR and Marketing…


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Don't be afraid of the PR backlash

It's not an everyday occurrence, but every so often an article will have unintended consequences, and may ruffle some folks' feathers in such a way as to cause some consternation that was not foreseen.

And while sometimes that's not a good thing, I'm here to make the argument that there are instances when companies should not be afraid to mix it up a little.

Here's a good case in point: Nearly two years ago, I penned an op-ed on… Continue

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Todd Deferen - 3 Reasons Marketers are Unable/Unwilling to Measure ROI

This is a terrific and very poignant article on the unjustified fear that exists within many in the PR and Marketing industry on judging their efforts based on performance.

And it has GOT to end!…


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John Warrillow - 6 Reasons to Stop Charging by the Hour

This is a great example of why I'm a big fan of Pay-on-Performance PR. Author John Warrillow used his lawyer as the example, but he could have very well been speaking about his PR firm.

The amazing thing to me is how many folks opposed is idea in comment left on the blog. It's… Continue

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Pay-on-Performance PR gets attention

I'm happy we were able to add to the conversation about why public relations agencies should move to this type of revenue model. I welcome your feedback as well!

Stalwart Communications founder talks…


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What Umpire Jim Joyce Could Teach BP about PR

While there's little to compare between what's now the biggest oil spill disaster in U.S. history and a blown call that negated a perfect game for one young major league baseball pitcher, I can't help but think that British Petroleum should take a lesson from Umpire… Continue

Added by David Oates on June 6, 2010 at 8:50pm — 1 Comment

When it comes to crisis communications, overtime is authorized

It never fails - a PR crisis seems only to happen during off hours or, at the very least, when the day is winding down. Such is life for us corporate communicators.

I was reminded of this certainty last Friday, when I received some sharp criticism over an event that I chaired for a local organization earlier this week. The influential individual took strong exception to comments made by the guest speaker that I secured, and publicized… Continue

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